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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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msnbc world headquarters in new york. in great britain there is more fall out from the brexit most. more than a million people are calling for a second vote to stay in the european union but is it too little too late? donald trump told americans it won't affect them. >> the united states has real real problems. brexit is not their problem. brexit is something, but it is not their problem. >> is the vote in the uk any indication of how the voters will act in november? the governor declaring a state of emergency for three quarters of the state. in the uk the voting is causing voters remorse. more 2 million people are
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petitioning for a second referendum vote. this coming after global markets crashed losing more than $2 trillion in just one day. news stands across london expressed the shock of leaving europe after more than four decades together. matt, talk about the consequences of leaving and the mood in london and outside the other regions as well. >> the mood here in london is about as grim as the weather. that is because people here are taking it in a very emotional way. this was always going to be an emotional vote. now a lot of people are feeling like they have been left out, though part of the country is not even their own. this referendum just goes to show that britain is not london. if you see, london is an island
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or part of a larger island of the greater united kingdom. london went strong in the remain camp. scotland and northern ireland went in the favor of leave. now the problem is that a lot of the same voters that went in favor of the leave vote are now seeing the visceral and immediate reaction created on the market. the pound dropping to a 31-year low. a lot of the voters are having buyers remorse. >> i would go back to the polling station and vote to stay. simply because the reality is hitting in and the regrets that we have left eu. even though the majority voted to leave, we are actually
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regretting it today. i wish we had the opportunity to vote again because i would do so many things differently. >> i did not think it would matter much because we would remain. >> as you can see a lot of this anger and retrospective angst about what happened here and a lot of the people that voted to leave were voting because they thought they did not have af efficacy in the system and they were reclaiming the act of democracy. a lot of them realized that it never left. >> britain's vote is sparking calls for other countries to vote out of the eu.
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the french president held a meeting with other sides trying to follow against britain's call to leave and italy and the nethergligent netherlands. steve, we jump into this and starting to see the consequences from the vote with other countries wanting to leave the eu and on the other side scotland wanting to stay in the eu renewing efforts to declare its independence from the uk. >> i think the domino effects are going to go on and on now for years. i think there will be a lot of nations looking at themselves saying what do we belong to. do the british people have it right? i am about to go to europe. the nato summit over there. a lot of countries allied saying
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are we still all for one-and-one for all. i think the topgraphical map in the world has shifted and there will be a sense of identity about where states belong. greece portugal spain, all in europe. and i think international institutions globally are in trouble because of what the uk has just done. >> top officials from the eu held an emergency meeting. britain has two years to do this and maybe ten for it to happen. why the push to rush things? >> i think they don't want an extended divorce. other states and nations have to move very quickly to a new e
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question leb rium. britain is now blocked from attending the emergency meetings. they lost their voice and they need to move on. other nations like france are saying how do we keep the european project from becoming the german project. how do you deal with the reality that there is no balance. new questions are opening up. and there is no going home on this. it is done. >> we are feeling it here in our borders, on the presidential front and elections and president obama saying he disagrees but respects the vote. >> i do think that yesterdays vote speaks to the ongoing
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changes and challenges raised by globalization. one thing that will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. >> we know david cameron is stepping down. britain's eu commissioner stepping down. what does it mean for all of us here in the united states and our relations? >> i think particularly with the uk which will maintain a special status, in everything the u ks a smaller, more insignificant and less of a partner. the amount of force the europeans can join with us and bring on. that will be one ripple effect. but everything from global
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climate change to dealing with isis it is less solvable than it used to be. >> more ripple effects than some may even realize. as we are talking about this and the shock waves over the votes and the financial markets, losing more than $2 trillion in one day, the dow jones fell 610 points and for americans with 401(k)s, an average loss of over $3,100 in just one day. good to have you here onset. we saw what happened with the markets globally reacting so negatively on those days. opening bell monday and tuesday. >> probably down. on friday night we close on a
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down tick. it was at the lows of the session. there was a lot of volume. like a train rushing down the hill. it is going to start up on sunday night in asia and in europe. no expectation that europe has turned around their losses. back into the united states monday morning with losses. there is something like margin calls. probably another down day on monday. it does not mean it continues that long but we are not finished with this part of it yet. the graphic, if you didn't sell anything, you didn't lose anything. >> you are talking about it being a train, what do the average investors need to do? >> there are moments, it is ironic. the time people spend looking at the portfolio are the moments you need to not do things. you need to be making changes at
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least twice a year not because of world events. event driven risk is not common in the market. it is not something you should make decisions about. >> how about in the short-term how to use it to our advantage. travel and when it comes to the fed and interest rates. >> we saw interest rates going up four times this year the fed did it once and implied it might not do it again. you are not going to see higher interest rates. mortgage rates will stay low. the only gain is for travellers. unless you are a speculator. shorting is dangerous for regular people. regular investors, if you don't make a habit of looking at your portfolios i would not worry. but in financials that is the
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one difference. they were the hardest hit on friday. >> job market especially with international countries. >> the trade with the uk is not that dramatic. >> all right. appreciate the breakdown. thank you so much for being with me. we have seen how the brexit vote affected the markets but what will it do to the presidential race before election day? donald trump, what he said today in scotland about how it could impact americans when we return. ♪ ♪ ♪
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trillion of debt by the time he leaves office. more than double the debt we had. that will affect america more than brexit. >> that was donald trump in scotland this morning focusing on america's debt in response to the brexit vote. >> hey there. donald trump took a surreal slow speed chase with reporters stopping at the 10th 13th 14th and 18th hole at each dismissing concerns about a recession and concerns for american citizens about taking the brexit vote and a hit in their wallets telling them that it shouldn't affect americans. he didn't offer specifics. i asked about how he will deal
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with the uk whether he thinks the u k's role in the world will diminish and if germany will take a larger role. he said he always had a good relationship with the uk and will continue to and will continue to have a continue to have a good relationship with germany and russia offering little detail about how he would go about things. we tried to press him on what he would say to americans that might be concerned about their retirement savings about the global chaos unfolding around him and donald trump just said wait for me to be president offering little detail as to how he would lead the country only promising to be the best. >> the clinton campaign did not
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waste any time responding to the response to the initial vote. are you traveling with any of your foreign policy advisors? >> i have been in touch with them but there is nothing to talk about. >> the do you to lower by 500 points. >> when the pound goes down more people are come to turnberry. >> all of you thanks for being with us. we heard the parallels being made. the remain campaign was in some measure an effort by the political elites to scare rank
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and file voters with dire forecasts about what a post brexit economy might look like but when voters went to the polls they were not afraid of the turn outs or were afraid because they had given up on the political leaders of the country. is the strongest parallel we can draw when it comes to the populous message? >> i would not say that the brexit and the presidential elections are that analagous but you saw on each side of the issue, independence self rule some thinking britain would be stronger within the eu but they wanted to be able to determine things like the shape of a banana or the strength of a vacuum cleaner for themselves.
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they were sick of the regulations and the directives from brussels. where you can draw it to the u.s., the elites being out of touch with the middle class and the elites not being responsive to that. >> what is interesting when you factor in how it impacts the election one thing that shows americans trust donald trump over hillary clinton when it comes to the economy. and when it comes to exercising good judgment in a crisis hillary clinton takes it over donald trump's 35. how can the brexit fallout affect the numbers? >> he can articulate grievances and showed why he is unfit to serve. the american voter will learn from this but ideas matter and
11:20 am
the ability to articulate a way forward is what trump will have a hard time doing and i think hillary will have an easy time doing. >> i want to ask as we continue on in this conversation when it comes to donald trump making reference to immigration concerns in the uk yesterday. this is yesterday. >> you are taking your country back. you are go to let people you want into your country and people that you don't want or people you don't think will be appropriate for your country or good for your country, you are not going to have to take. >> all right. today if i can ask you, he was asked about muslims from scotland saying i would not be bothered by that. do we expect trump to pivot away from those comments but now are hearing this. >> this might be the sort of
11:21 am
thing where next week there is a new story and then a new story and it fades into the background. speaking of the pivot, this is something people have been waiting to see from trump for some time now and last week with his old campaign manager departing how that would lead to trump bringing things in a little more. to happen. donald trump is running his own campaign at the end of the day. he chose the issues last year he wanted to be running on. at some point we can't be surprised he is returning to them again and again. immigration which could cause him a little trouble in the general election. >> you were talking about how it can be used for donald trump but could hurt him. if you think about the scale of it at a resort where many will say it is a missed opportunity
11:22 am
for him to talk about foreign policy, for him to go out there and really make those positions known. you are shaking your head. go ahead. >> he is who he is. and if you like him, you are going to want more of the same. in an election where there are swing voters and swing states and there are things that affect their lives, trump will be held to the same standard what is in it for the voter. there he remains deficient. >> he said i have not even started campaigning yet. >> he was by being in scotland or you could say he is selling his golf course and his brand but he was drawing attention and international focus on what just happened in the uk the brexit vote under lining part of what is driving his campaign that
11:23 am
big, bold things can happen. a wild election not such a wild result. but for the voters to pull out of the eu shocking the world, saying a election in november for trump can have the same result. >> all of you, thank you for being with me. after the break we will head to west virginia which is suffering through the worst flooding in more than a century. and the latest on efforts to contain a fast-moving wildfire in california forcing more than 100 people from their homes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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state calling it a once in a thousand year event. >> we have gone through quite a bit of natural disasters. unfortunately we are a little used to this kind of thing. i think this one takes the cake. >> overnight 500 people were rescued. morgan, what are officials saying about those still missing? >> there are still people unaccounted for. the governor has asked for federal assistance from fema to find those still missing. first, i wanted to show you the road that left 500 shoppers stranded for pushing into 48 hours. thankfully a lot were evacuated today but some inside are
11:28 am
choosing to stay inside because they are saying the conditions in here are better than there are out there, talking about the 44 counts that were still declared a state of disaster saying they are not sure they want to go home because they are not sure if they have a home left. >> where is your house now? >> i have no idea. >> you have no idea? >> some of it is right there. but i have not been able to find the upstairs. >> you haven't found the roof? >> it's gone. >> do you have any of your things? >> just what i have on. i have never seen anything like this. i have never seen anything to this level. i have never seen anything like it. >> my car stalled out here.
11:29 am
the water started rushing heavily. i couldn't get it started. i got out. i walked forward. got the vehicles turned around. saw the flasher lights on my car going over the embankment there. >> i just watched three houses go down the river floating down and crash. but i don't know if anyone was in them. >> the devastation you are looking at on your screen the fallen road that is the type of devastation left behind by the flood, still 34,000 residents without power. >> all of that going on and the indication that the road out appears dry but still a threat. thank you.
11:30 am
>> in southern california wildfire as two people have been killed that has thrown from 5,000 acres to 30,000 overnight. south lake california the growing efforts to combat the inferno. >> the sites out here. there is an rv and a home as well. you see houses back there still standing. it stretches up to the mountains. row after row of homes that were destroyed. a lot of people coming back to see their homes for the first time. take a listen. >> it's nature. there's not a damn thing we
11:31 am
could have done about it. it was unstoppable. they all said it is the fastest fire in history. there is no way it can give people the true value of what happened. >> meanwhile back here in the neighborhoods crews are sifting through a lot of the rubble and debris to make sure that there is nobody here. we know that two people have died. we were told it is an elderly couple that may have been overcome by smoke. >> she provided a moment and debbie dingell will discuss her
11:32 am
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and you can get better. experian. be better at credit. this week after four pieces of gun control legislation failed in the senates they held a dramatic sit-in on the house floor to break a stalemate in the republican controlled chamber members chanted, sang and called for a vote as the summer recess quickly approached. >> hold the floor. >> never give up. >> this is a day and night of
11:35 am
great pride for all of us. >> that night debbie dingell stood up and shared her own reason. >> i know what it is like to see a gun pointed out you wondering if you were going to live and hide in a closet and pray to god do not let anything happen to me. >> thank you so much for being with us and talking about this and that plea for gun control hitting really close to home. what was behind your decision to get so personal then? >> you know it had been a long day. i had not been someone that realized my colleagues were going to go to the floor to do a sit-in. it was a really organic moment. it is very hard for me to talk
11:36 am
about this. it was very unplanned and unscripted. i do know that there are people that shouldn't have guns. i have a bill with another republican to keep guns out of the hands of people convicted of stalking and domestic abuse of a partner. i don't want to take away anybody's guns. but there are people that shouldn't have guns. >> i want to play what paul ryan had to say about this and we will talk about it. >> this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. the bill was already defeated in the senate. and we are not going to take away a citizens rights without
11:37 am
due process. that was already defeated in the senate. this is not a way to bring up legislation. >> you said not a gimmick and you heard him say it is a publicity stunt. what do you tell the speaker? >> i would say mr. speaker, how can we protect someones civil rights if you won't come to the table to talk about how we do that. on the senate side people are hopeful that there might be action. we have thought this about other things and there is change. next week we will have a day of action. if people feel strongly to they want see people on the terror list not being able to buy a gun.
11:38 am
i have the largest population of muslims in the country in my district. can't we come to the table to talk about how we do it? >> we have four of your colleagues yesterday. when you reconvene on july 5 what are the hopes? >> we are not going to abandon continuing to talk about that. i hope that there are republicans and democrats willing to talk about how to do something that protects the second amendment and keeps guns out of the hands of terrorists felons and domestic abusers. >> in the short time i have with you i want to change topics talking about the brexit and how it might affect us here at home when it comes to jobs. >> i am very worried about what
11:39 am
the potential impact could be. i think donald trump hasn't had a good two weeks but many of the same things that caused that vote are here in this country. people concerned about immigration reform. people tired of institutions thinking they can't make a difference. trade practice. i think we need to pay attention to what happened there. they need to know that their vote does matter. talking to people in england, even the young people saying can we have a redo. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> when we come back we will turn to the 2016 race and does donald trump have the campaign organization to compete with hillary clinton?
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hillary clinton does not have any campaign events scheduled today. while donald trump is overseas her allies are looking to gain ground. a $10 million ad campaign in pennsylvania starting july 5. the trump campaign has yet to announce a strategy despite polls showing a tight race in the keystone state. all of you, welcome back. again we started to talk about this and with ohio pennsylvania and with the money that hillary clinton is sinking into this is that an indication when it comes to donald trump that he might be putting up a fight? >> he says so. i would say hillary clinton is blowing him away in fundraising and that is a major advantage.
11:44 am
while donald trump gets an extraordinary amount of free media media, you don't get to control the message when you are being mediated by the media. the message and straight to the voter. i think it is a mistake for donald trump depending on his ability to generate headlines. >> the misses opportunities, richard. we saw that at a golf course right there. >> his methodology that got him here which was directed at republican primary voters is not one that can win a general election. he will pivot or continue to do the same. i smell a landslide but not because of the strength of hillary necessary because trump is unable to make the campaign raise the money that everybody
11:45 am
needs to do. >> i want to bring you in and talk about it on the other side you have bernie sanders on msnbc said he would vote for hillary clinton. did not say he would endorse her. if that is the case and doesn't endorse until the convention is there a loss of rallying his supporters there? >> i think there is a window and you can see it in the recent polls where we are seeing a significant share of supporters that supported bernie sanders in the primary not wanting to support hillary clinton in the general election. it is easy to see the evidence of that hurting her in the polls and maybe in places like pennsylvania. one thing that is important to keep in mind in a place like pennsylvania it is not just that trump has a special after the accident -- appeal there. it is a state closer than people give it credit for even though
11:46 am
republicans have not won it in some time. >> is it crucial that he endorse her? >> i think it is crucial, just from the perspective that we have never seen it not happen before. i think you have a situation on the republican side with major fractures going on from the primary with donald trump being an unconventional candidate and pulling together a different coalition than usual. if sanders does not endorse clinton -- >> but he will. remember he is leading a movement. >> he is saying he is not going to do that until the platform is out there and he hears it from hillary clinton. >> he is trying to maximize his leverage to say i have got all of these burners over here that
11:47 am
want it in our campaign going forward. but it is crucial and i also think he will. back in 2008 the pumas, they ended upcoming home. lacing up. suiting up. voting for the democratic candidate. >> he doesn't want what happened to his movement what happened to occupy wall street. vanish vanish. >> when it comes to the president and the popularity, we are seeing that. we are seeing that out there. but when it comes to donald trump and donald trump having a circuit that is just as strong as barak obama will be for hillary clinton. who does he have? is this while we are seeing the trump kids? is this why we are seeing the trump kids. when it comes to reaching donald trump, you have to go through
11:48 am
his son-in-law right there. >> i find his children or adult children to be incredibly impressive. very appealing people. she is constantly posting picture of her beautiful family. >> the reports that the kids were behind it. >> he does need to look for surrogates in those battle ground states. >> surrogates matter when you have a message. the trump campaign lacks a message. other than i am great. >> glad to have you back with me. fears over the zika virus, but is the fear more costly than the virus itself? ♪ (vo) you can check on them.
11:49 am
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with the summer travel season in full swing there is concern that an outbreak of zika carrying moskitquitos will head to the u.s. more than 800 travel related cases of the virus has been concerned. tony you were recently travel to puerto rico. tell me what you found there about the concerns of zika. >> one of the difficult facts of about zika the local experience is one of almost non-existent virus outbreak. when you talk to them they think the only epidemic is fear. when you go as a mainlander and
11:52 am
use mosquito repellent you are almost laughed at. >> are you worried? >> no. not true. nothing happening. >> i am going to put on mosquito spray. you are sure you don't want any? >> i am sure. >> i am worried. you are not bothered by it at all? >> if you can see, i am not afraid. i am relaxed. >> zero cases right next to the canal. >> is zika hurting the economy?
11:53 am
>> we are definitely concerned that maybe it might affect our business. three cancellations. >> what are you saying to americans watching this? >> no more concerning than the states. bug spray, maybe long sleeves, protect yourself. >> you are able to enjoy the island. >> what you see there is locals feeling that the economic cost of zika is more severe than the health concerns. there is a big concern for pregnant women. >> moms, parents. sure. but most people in their community do not know anyone with zika and their biggest concerns are drop off in tourism revenue. it will need to be seen what the
11:54 am
biggest losses are to come the health or the economic. >> tony thank you very much for the report. that does it for me today. thank you for being with me. ayman takes the coverage from here and he will have more coverage of the brexit vote. have a great saturday.
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now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. good day everyone. it is 3:00 p.m. on the east coast and high noon out west. in this hour brexit backlash. new fallout following the vote to leave the european union, calls for a second vote on the issue, but can it be done? donald trump remaining defiant, calling out hillary clinton and barak obama for their response. and is it a
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